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The art of fine sparkling wines

In 1811, Jean ACKERMAN founded the Traditional Method in Saumur. For forty years, he was the only one to produce the famous wine known throughout the world today. Vintages of great character, sparkling with finesse, prestige of a great label which, in two centuries of history, has succeeded in seducing the world, Ackerman offers sparkling, light and seduction with much accessibility.

To date, the Ackerman company is the result of the merger of the three renowned Loire Valley wine producers Ackerman-Laurance, Rémy Pannier and De Neuville, and today it belongs to a number of major Loire Valley winemaking cooperatives whose members have come together to pool their efforts in promoting and marketing the wines of the Loire.
Firmly rooted in their vineyards and benefiting from their winemaking culture, these cooperatives enable Ackerman to pursue a major-brand strategy. A strategy founded on quality, authenticity and innovation.

Respectful of tradition but also resolutely turned towards the future, the company operates vinification centres and a remarkably modern bottling and ageing facility that is certified ISO 9001 (Version 2002).
These extensive facilities enable Ackerman to carry out its profession of vintner effectively and market its Fines Bulles wines and also its still wines throughout the world.
As a result, Ackerman is a consummate player in all aspects of the wine industry, from grape growing to ageing to marketing, and has established itself as the specialist in Fines Bulles wines and the benchmark producer of Loire Valley wines. It continues to grow from generation to generation while respecting the people and terroirs it relies on, through a relationship based on trust and service.

Its workforce of wine growers, oenologists and production, research, marketing and sales staff all complement each other to add to our rich and diverse culture, one that brings together Fines Bulles and still wines on modern distribution circuits.
Ackerman offers a range of outstanding Fines Bulles wines in an extremely accessible, lively, bright and attractive way and an exhaustive collection of complementary still wines from the best vineyards, produced in accordance with a strict quality charter based on:
  • the selection and regular monitoring of vineyard parcels by a team of oenologists specialising in the Loire vineyards,
  • respect for tradition and the application of new techniques of vinification, maturation and assemblage to promote the standing of the Appellation d'Origine Protégée (AOP).
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