"“The Room of Columns”. "
Séverine Hubard

Since the 20th of April 2018, we have offered you the possibility of discovering a new breathtaking exhibition in our caves, inspired by Land Art. This year, Maison Ackerman has decided to welcome the atypical visual artist, Séverine Hubard and her work of art, “The Room of Columns”. Over a three year period, this work will be displayed in our caves’ Great Gallery, an extraordinary space. As a result, you will be able to admire at the heart of our caves, five columns, each made out of five blocks of tuffeau stone and pinewood. But who is Séverine Hubard? This French visual artist lives and works in France and Buenos Aires. Along the lines of Land Art, she has assembled most of the existing elements to make discrete or monumental creations. By playing with space and notions of scale, she uses three dimensions, inspired by and respecting the architecture, thereby linking her new work to the gallery.

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