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Couronne Ackerman

Wine and People

Our history has been built from one generation to the next, in the greatest respect for passionate and courageous men and women, who also believed in conviviality and sharing. At each step from the vine to the wine glass, we have been perpetuating traditions, gestures, expertise and know-how handed down from father to son. As a result, our profession is also the result of several centuries of innovations..

Our leitmotiv is that of revealing the best that vines have to offer, thanks our perfect knowledge with regard to the area’s soils and terroirs.

The founder of Ackerman knew how to surround himself with exceptional workers once he had developed his traditional method . Today, we can still count on a network of collaborators with recognised and respected expertise.

A passion for wine and the Loire

Some people have discovered this age-old profession thanks to their family: “I recall a 1947 Coteaux-du-Layon made by my grandfather, cellar aged by my uncle and tasted at a springtime family gathering. It was a revelation in terms of taste and complexity. This product that had travelled through time, boasted finesse and stirred excitement. A visit of the vines generally followed these unforgettable tastings of Loire Valley wines,” Frédéric Nouet.

For other people, the revelation occurred when visiting other countries and winegrowing regions to find out what was happening elsewhere, share experiences, and discover aromas and flavors. When we know where our roots are, we can take part in this type of adventure, with all the amazement required to make the nicest discoveries.

But the attraction of the Loire is very strong, as the color of the river, the luminosity reflected by the whiteness of the tuffeau stone dwellings and the frank green of the landscapes, offer a scenery of contrasts along the lines of the Loire Valley’s highly diverse wines: sparkling offerings, reds, rosés, dry and sweet whites. Everybody is moved by the discovery of an excellent wine or that of a charming vine-growing village or a flamboyant Loire Valley castle, all of which add an extra something special to this region.

The winegrowing industry is part and parcel of France’s cultural heritage and employs 600,000 people nationwide. Many professions are linked to this sector and wine producers require various skills: vine-growing, winemaking and tasting expertise, knowledge about sales, marketing, exporting, accounting, law, research and quality controls.


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