Vineyards and the Loire


Couronne Ackerman

The wines of the Loire Valley thrive in a unique cultural landscape, classified as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Situated in four regions, the Loire Valley vineyard extends across over 65,000 hectares, and represents 800 km of wine routes. The region includes Pays Nantais, Anjou-Saumur, Touraine and Centre Loire.

A bit about ampelography. This strange sounding word refers to the discipline dedicated to vines and most especially grape varieties. The Loire Valley boasts a wide range of grape varieties like nowhere else worldwide and produces a diverse and highly expressive selection of wines.

Vine-growing and the production of Crémants de Loire obey strict rules – among the most stringent worldwide. Each step requires rigorous experience and a constant presence, from the vine to the bottle.

We implement bio protection harvesting solutions and preventive measures, in view of limiting the contact with oxygen and the development of micro-organisms. These initiatives ensure that the grapes are not damaged on their way to the cellar, thereby allowing for the production of very pure base wines.


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