The World of Ackerman

Passion and Bubbles

Couronne Ackerman

To start with a strong ambition: At Ackerman, we are not only interested in top quality wines and the promotion of our terroir, but we also want to satisfy and earn the trust of our customers. Our relationship with our clients is based upon listening, meeting expectations and transparency.

Maison Ackerman was founded in Saumur in 1811, a mythical date in the history of winemaking. Also called the year of the comet, this year is famous for being one of the greatest vintages of all time. Napoleon II, the Crown Prince of France and future King of Rome was also born in 1811. It is interesting to note that the coat of arms of Maison Ackerman-Laurance pays homage to this page of history, as it includes an imperial crown.

Jean-Baptiste Ackerman introduced the production of Saumur Brut and Crémant de Loire, according to the méthode traditionnelle. This initiative was that of a visionary, but was also a collective saga, thanks to exceptional workers and collaborators, who believed in this adventure. Today, the men and women of the House are driven by a shared passion for wine, quality, respect for our region and our history. In the world of wine, passion is an unmatched driving force because individuals are behind each wine.

For many years, Maison Ackerman has been committed to sustainable development and encourages its partners to take part in this crucial challenge. Alternative eco-responsible measures enable us to fully integrate each parcel within the local eco-system.

An Immersive Tourist Circuit

Anchored in its territory, Maison Ackerman also fully invests in the development of tourism and the enhancement of local heritage sites. It contains an architectural treasure – troglodytic caves – the tallest in the region – and displays temporary exhibitions bringing together wine, troglodytes and experiential art.


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