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Our Fine Sparkling Wines

White, rosé and red sparkling wines.

Maison Ackerman specializes in the production of the Saumur and Crémant de Loire appellations according to the méthode traditionnelle. It is a key producer of the Loire Valley and the leading actor when it comes to Loire Valley sparkling wines. Combining tradition and innovation, these highly expressive and aromatic blends will provide you with premium wines as well as trendy brands, thereby adapting to all of your tasting and sharing moments.

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Bulle Royale

The Bubbles that you love to taste and share on the banks of the Loire, combining deliciousness and freshness with elegance and nuance.

The Guinguette spirit on the banks of the Loire takes on the allure of the Cours Royales.

Bulle Royale is available in Saumur Blanc Brut, Saumur Blanc Demi-sec, Saumur Rosé brut, Crémant de Loire Blanc Brut, Crémant de Loire Blanc Demi-sec, Crémant de Loire Rosé Brut, Zéro % alcool Blanc and Zéro % alcool Rosé.

Emilie Ackerman

Elegance and subtlety. All the spirit of the Loire in a Royal Bubble in the image of Emilie, wife of Jean-Baptiste Ackerman, whose modernity and simplicity shook up traditions.

An ode to the art of living in the Loire.

The Bubble that we love to taste and share on the banks of the Loire, which combines delicacy and freshness, with elegance and nuance.

Emilie Ackerman is available in Crémant de Loire Brut, Crémant de Loire demi-sec and Crémant de Loire Rosé brut.

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Royal or the art of composing aromas, notes and nuances… just as the Loire knows how to play with its colours to create a magnificent palette. A subtle delicacy of yellow fruits and dried fruits, an elegant minerality.

When great celebrations take on the air of reunions with friends.

Royal is available in Crémant de Loire Blanc Brut Millésime 2020 and Saumur Blanc Brut Millésime 2017.


This wine is greedy, very greedy.

Fruity and slightly spicy, this is the secret of Pineau d’Aunis. A grape variety from the Loire, more commonly known as Chenin Noir. Its origins are still a mystery; it could have been born under X. True to its fruity signature, Ackerman has adopted it and sublimates its aromas.

Brut or in cocktails, this wine loves to meet new people – it wasn’t born in the Loire region for nothing…

X is available in Rosé Brut and Blanc Brut.


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